Lekker kriemelen

A few weeks ago Rosa, Sophie and me went glamping in the eastern part of the Netherlands. We had a cute little hut with beds, a tiny kitchen (a fridge and a two pot electric stove) and thank goodness; a little electric heater. We spent most of our time sitting outside of our tent and walking around through the woods, spotting mushrooms and sheep. It was so much fun and so wholesome to be outside so much and to spend time with two of my besties. Also, a great opportunity to practice some more with my camera.

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I just came back from a few days in Janas (Portugal) with Sophie. We stayed at the beautiful little eco farm Aldeia, which was home to a few workers, volunteers, animals and some Airbnb-people (including us). I bought a camera a while ago, and Portugal was the perfect place to spend some time practicing while also gathering some (read: a lot) images to share in a blog (’cause that’s been a while innit).

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Hairy situation

So a while ago I asked a question on Instagram. I was wondering if people shaved or not, and why they did or didn’t do it, also any other thoughts were welcome. 

I’m overall just a really nosy person, always really curious about other peoples opinions about stuff like this, and about their experiences and so fort. Luckily a lot of people answered! So today I just wanted to write something about the whole thing.

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Doing well, being boring

I’ve been itching to write lately, lots of things have happened and also not much at all. I’ve had so many thoughts go through my head which I’d like to write about.. so many that in the end I never really did start writing. Ideas without choosing is paralysis right? (I’m afraid I’m quoting Eat Pray Love now.. but it might be Tiny House Nation as well, anyway I could relate)(also the real quote was a bit more eloquent.. this is what I remembered of it).  So I decided I would just write something.. and see if and how it goes from there.

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2019 to do – 2018 in review

Dutchies remember this concept? It was me trying to make something out of my life by making a gigantic to do list with things I wanted to do in that year, and doing monthly updates on how that went. Well I’m not saying I’m going to really religiously do this. But I thought it would be nice to at least do something of a monthly update on stuff. Anyway, to go ahead with this I thought it’d be nice to first look back on the past year (it’s still January so we’re okay right?)

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Monthlies #12 – WUKA period pants

Okay, so it’s weird to do this in English, since all the other monthlies were in Dutch (as Maandelijkse verhalen), but anyway, gotta start somewhere. And I might (one day) translate them all into English. (Kind of wanted to rewrite them anyway.)

ANYWAY. Today I am here to write about WUKA period pants! They sent me a pair a while ago (thank you WUKA!) and I’ve had enough time to test them thoroughly now, so I thought I’d write something about it.

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