Lekker kriemelen

A few weeks ago Rosa, Sophie and me went glamping in the eastern part of the Netherlands. We had a cute little hut with beds, a tiny kitchen (a fridge and a two pot electric stove) and thank goodness; a little electric heater. We spent most of our time sitting outside of our tent and walking around through the woods, spotting mushrooms and sheep. It was so much fun and so wholesome to be outside so much and to spend time with two of my besties. Also, a great opportunity to practice some more with my camera.

Rosa became completely obsessed with all the mushrooms. So my new hobby was taking a picture of her taking a picture.

Sophie became enamored with the sheep. I hope I’ll one day find someone that looks at me like Sophie looks at the sheep. I hope you do too.


The next weekend I went on a mushroom foraging trip with some Werfzeep colleagues. One of them knows a few tasty, edible mushrooms and where to find them. I was so excited for this and it was so much fun. Here’s a few of the mushrooms we spotted.

From these we only took the last one home to eat. It’s called wood ear (judas oor in het Nederlands) and you can see why, right? To me they looked like hamster ears but bigger. Very cute and a little disturbing as well.

I’m already looking forward to another weekend of glamping (or camping) and just being out and about all day..

ps. the place we stayed was called Kriemelberg, hence the lekker kriemelen

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