The tiny guide to heartbreak


I am so happy to finally be able to share with you: The tiny guide to heartbreak! An A6 sized zine with 42 pages, handwritten and illustrated by yours truly. In it I included everything that helped me dealing with the emotions and the heartbreak.

It contains tips on things like: what to do when it’s just happened, things to be mindful of, some book and podcast tips, and lots of things that are important to be reminded of when you’re going through such as shit time.

After my relationship ended in June 2018, I started looking online for tips on how to deal with all the heartache, and I just didn’t really find what I was looking for. For me, making stuff (whether it’s songwriting, drawing or pottery) is always about the need to express emotions. Writing and illustrating a zine just felt like something I really needed and wanted to do in the process of unbreaking my heart. I hope it will help you with dealing with your break-up, or that it will help your friends, your mother, brothers, daughters, fathers etc.

ps. because I am a print noob I mixed up the front cover with the back, hence the featured image. The version of the Tiny Guide you’ll get will of course be the way it’s meant to be.


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