The Tiny Guide to Heartbreak

IT. IS. HERE. FINALLY. Okay, so as you can see on the picture, I’ve fucked up and the cover image is actually on the back. But I know how to fix this, so pre-order is officially ONNNNN!!!!!!!!!

People who have follow me on tha gram have heard me curse and swear when things went wrong, when I chose the wrong kind of paper, people who’ve seen me IRL in the process of making have heard me curse and swear even more because of all zhe fuck-ups.

Conclusion? I should have asked things. I should’ve have tried to figure it all out myself while there are so many people willing and able to help in my surroundings.
It’s hard though, I’m scared to admit I don’t know stuff for some reason, so this makes asking questions hard. Ridiculous I know. Also, I don’t like to bother people, I don’t like to be a bother And even though lots of people have said I can always come to them for help, I’ve kept on feeling like a bother.

Anyway. Next time, I hope to remember this process, and how much time and money and worries I could’ve saved myself if I’d have just asked.

BUT. The whole technical printing process aside, the actual process of writing and drawing was amazing. I loved every part of it.
Being a maker, making stuff has always come from a place of emotion from me. All the songs I wrote were because I had to express and process my feels, my ceramics started from a place of dealing with body acceptance and self love. And of course, this Tiny Guide came from my recent break-up.

When the break-up happened I went online to search for tools, books, podcasts, blogs on how to deal with all what I was feeling but there just wasn’t really something like that. I’m not saying my guide is all that, but at least I put everything in I did or needed during the break-up. And making the guide helped me a lot in processing all the feels.

I’m really hoping people will use it as a little gift for when friends are going through a break-up. ‘ Cause what can you get your friends when they’re going through such a shit time? I can already imagine it: the tiny guide with a big bar of chocolate and some beautiful flowers.

If you have any questions please ask, and for those that are (pre)ordering it: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You can pre-order The Tiny Guide to Heartbreak here.


  1. Stella 27 October 2018

    Wat bijzonder en mooi dat je dat hele proces om hebt gezet naar zoiets persoonlijks, en dat je dat dan ook deelt! Helaas weet ik maar al te goed hoe het is en hoe het voelt en ik had inderdaad ook wel zo’n guide kunnen gebruiken! Ik hoop dat je er zelf heel veel aan hebt gehad om het te maken, en dat veel anderen er in de toekomst veel aan zullen hebben door het te lezen <3 Liefs!

  2. Lisa 31 October 2018

    Jaaaaa! Zo fijn dat het gelukt is!

  3. Sjors 1 November 2018

    Hé Fleur, wat tof! Ik heb in je shop ook een voorbeeld bekeken van de binnenkant, mooi gemaakt :)

    De aanleiding voor het boekje is zo te lezen minder leuk. Knap om het zo te bundelen en mooi dat je er anderen mee wilt helpen.


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